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Our Services
Environmental Consultancy Services


Under Augment ECS we provide consultation services to handle industrial and domestic environmental issues qualitatively and quantitatively with laboratory analysis of samples through Augment Tech chemical lab, one of the established chemical laboratories in Sri Lanka.​


Our services cover:

  • Chemical Laboratory -Water quality testing, Pesticide analysis, etc.

  • Waste management systems

  • Environmental Modeling (Air quality/ Highway & industrial noise/ Water quality)

  • Environmental Monitoring (Air quality/ Highway & industrial noise/ Water quality)

  • Geotechnical and Geological Investigation

Sales, Imports, and Rentals

We, Augment TRADE, are fully capable of supplying you with the best scientific materials according to your requirement.

Further, other than purchasing the equipment, we are capable of providing facilities for renting/ hiring laboratory instruments with/without well-trained technicians. ​

Available Instruments,

                        Class 2 sound level meter with recording

                        Methane Gas Leak Detector 

Our services cover:

  • Laboratory Chemicals

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Reference Materials

Chemical Lab

Through the chemical analysis lab, we guarantee to provide high-quality analytical testing services in Sri Lanka. All the analyses are carried out by well-trained scientists and technicians together with the guidance of laboratory management, who has years of experience in the field.


We offer a wide range of analytical testing laboratory testing, training, consultancy, designing of waste water treatment systems, research, and many other applications.


Augment Tech comprises different testing services including pesticide analysis and Water & Waste water testing.


Also, we are capable of providing customized designs for Waste water treatment systems and water drainage systems for industries and households.

Product Development


Our Augment INNOVATIVE professionals are keen on developing the best scientific and technological products to fulfill your environmental system requirements using the newest technologies and the expertise guidance​.

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